Water Kefir

Soaking Grains with Kefir

How to Properly Soak Grains I hate to be wrong and even worse is admitting it…But when I began doing the research for this article I was enjoying the use of kefir (water or milk kefir) to soak my oats. I won’t go into the details that most readers of this article are already familiar with, but the summary is that phytic acid content is very high in foods like grains, beans, legumes, and nuts, and this phytic acid robs our bodies of important minerals like calcium.

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Is Cloudy Water Kefir Safe?

Q: Is Water Kefir supposed to be cloudy? Could this be a sign of contamination? Savannah and Samuel have just received some kefir grains, and with great excitement they prepare their first batch of water kefir. “This is too easy!”, they say with big grins while sipping down this healthy elixir.

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