Fecal Transplants Youthfulness

Scientists have discovered that fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) between young and old can reverse key signs of aging in the gut, brain, and eyes. This intriguing research, exploring the complex relationship between gut bacteria and the aging process, suggests a potential new avenue in the quest for longevity and healthy aging. Dive into the details to uncover how the microbiota in our gut might hold secrets to reversing the effects of time.

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Irishman Makes 90 the New 40

Fitness Journey of 90+ y/o Richard Morgan In an era where the quest for longevity is often pursued through medical interventions and dietary fads, the story of 93-year-old Richard Morgan serves as a remarkable reminder of the power of exercise in defying age. Morgan’s journey, from a late-bloomer in fitness to a world champion rower with the physicality of a man decades younger, not only inspires but also provides valuable insights into aging well.

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Review of Outlive by Peter Attia

I recently had the pleasure of reading (actually listening to the audio book) Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia. I found it to be a good primer or review over many of the key topics related to health, longevity, and fitness for life. The author is very much a realist, so do not expect any futurist visions in this book, but what surprised me…

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