Does the Internet need another health site???

No, absolutely not. The Internet would be better off with fewer health sites because misinformation is at an all-time high. What’s needed are more health-related sites that can accurately aggregate, filter, and convey the massive data being produced. Literally everyday, studies that may impact your health are published. Keeping up with the firehose of new information is only a part of the problem. Interpreting the studies, analyzing the trends, and separating the signal from the noise is the true challenge. The forest is often lost in the trees, and the data can lie.

So, put on your ‘skeptacles’ and let’s optimize your health. At HealthHacker, we are committed to the following:

  • Accuracy. Our excitement for health, should not spill into hype and exaggerations.
  • Evidence. We’re not just “evidence based”, we are obsessed. Any insights should be grounded in research and data. We follow the famous motto, “In God we trust. Everyone else must bring data.”
  • Discipline. This is not a site about bashing modern medicine, but it is a site that will address some of the shortcomings of medicine as we know it today. Medicine today is designed primarily around fixing problems using drugs. Any intervention that requires effort is usually discarded, and rightfully so – patient compliance is terrible. We are a different. We are disciplined, and this opens up solutions that are not available to the masses.
  • Prevention. We want your health to be optimal. We’re not interested in just fixing it after it’s broken.
  • DIY. Health is not a spectator sport. Prepare to roll up your sleeves, tinker, experiment, and get dirty!

DISCLAIMER: This site does not represent treatment, diagnosis, or medical advice. We recommend consulting with your licensed medical provider for all health matters.
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