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New Treatments for Crohn's

Recent clinical studies advocate for a transformative approach towards treating this chronic and often debilitating condition. Crohn’s disease, part of the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) spectrum, inflicts a significant burden on patients, characterized by painful flare-ups and progressive bowel damage. Traditionally, the treatment protocol has been conservative, focusing on managing symptoms as they arise. However, two recent…

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Book Review: Boundless by Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield’s tome, ‘Boundless’, is a behemoth in the world of health and wellness literature. Following Greenfield through newsletters and MindValley, it’s clear he’s no slouch in living a life dedicated to wellness. However, as I waded through the tome’s 600+ pages, my initial lukewarm reception…

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Fecal Transplants Youthfulness

Scientists have discovered that fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) between young and old can reverse key signs of aging in the gut, brain, and eyes. This intriguing research, exploring the complex relationship between gut bacteria and the aging process, suggests a potential new avenue in the quest for longevity and healthy aging. Dive into the details to uncover how the microbiota in our gut might hold secrets to reversing the effects of time.

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CAR T Cells are the Ultimate Senolytics

The power of CAR T cell therapy, traditionally used in cancer treatment, is being leveraged to target and potentially reverse key aspects of the aging process. The findings suggest a significant improvement in metabolic health and physical activity with minimal side effects. Could this be a pivotal step towards effective anti-aging treatments?

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Gene Therapy Breakthrough in Deafness Treatment

Unveiling a medical milestone: groundbreaking gene therapy successfully restores hearing in children with hereditary deafness. In a pioneering trial, researchers have achieved remarkable results, offering hope to millions. But what does this mean for the future of genetic hearing loss treatments?

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Vitamins to Stave Off Dementia

In a groundbreaking series of studies that might revolutionize our approach to cognitive health in aging adults, researchers have been exploring the potential of daily multivitamin supplements. Recent findings suggest these vitamins could play a crucial role in preserving memory and slowing down cognitive decline, offering a glimmer of hope in the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Irishman Makes 90 the New 40

Fitness Journey of 90+ y/o Richard Morgan In an era where the quest for longevity is often pursued through medical interventions and dietary fads, the story of 93-year-old Richard Morgan serves as a remarkable reminder of the power of exercise in defying age. Morgan’s journey, from a late-bloomer in fitness to a world champion rower with the physicality of a man decades younger, not only inspires but also provides valuable insights into aging well.

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Single Treatment Destroys Bladder Cancer Tumors

In an extraordinary leap forward in cancer treatment, Spanish researchers from the have developed self-propelled nanorobots that promise a groundbreaking approach to treating bladder cancer. This new method, which has shown a remarkable ability to reduce bladder tumor sizes by up to 90%, required only a single treatment.

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Dementia Risk Predictor

Understanding your individual risk factors can empower you to make informed lifestyle choices and seek early intervention when necessary. Our tool utilizes scientific research and data analysis to provide you with a personalized assessment of your risk of developing dementia.

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Death Predictor Tool

Maybe it’s curiosity that brought you here, or maybe you are concerned about a loved one or even yourself. I don’t need to know. The main thing is that you’re here, so let’s…

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