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Metformin and Prostate Cancer: An Evidence-Based Exploration

Prostate cancer is a prevalent concern among men in the United States, with approximately 1 in 8 men being diagnosed during their lifetime. As researchers continuously seek innovative ways to prevent and treat this disease, one medication that has garnered attention is metformin, commonly used to manage diabetes.

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Review of Outlive by Peter Attia

I recently had the pleasure of reading (actually listening to the audio book) Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia. I found it to be a good primer or review over many of the key topics related to health, longevity, and fitness for life. The author is very much a realist, so do not expect any futurist visions in this book, but what surprised me…

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Getting More Meditation Through the Headspace App

Meditation There’s something wonderfully refreshing about sliding into the shower after a long day, as the gentle pounding of drop after drop melts away the oil and grime. Then to emerge feeling clean and fresh – ahhhh… I think of meditation as a shower for the brain. When I’m feeling stressed, irritable, or in a funk, meditation has a way of resetting my brain and clearing out the junk.

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Magnesium and Depression: Simple Cure or Snake Oil?

Magnesium and Depression Depression has become a plague of modern life with over 12% of U.S. adults taking anti-depressants in the past year according to one study[1], which represents a doubling in prescriptions for depression since 1999.[2] When you include anxiety medication, the number rises to about one in six.

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