Is Cloudy Water Kefir Safe?

Q: Is Water Kefir supposed to be cloudy? Could this be a sign of contamination? Savannah and Samuel have just received some kefir grains, and with great excitement they prepare their first batch of water kefir. “This is too easy!”, they say with big grins while sipping down this healthy elixir. “It’s much sweeter than I expected!”, says Samuel. But after a few batches their initial ecstasy switches to concern as they notice that their water kefir has become very cloudy, not-so-sweet, and with a much stronger odor.

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Don't Like the Taste of Kefir?

Do you enjoy the taste of water kefir? If you answered “No”, then you are not alone. When first fermenting water kefir, I was concerned by the articles I read in which people talked of how delicious their final product was. For me, the smell was somewhat repulsive - and the taste? Even worse! I had to add quite a bit of a sweetened drink to cover up the pungent flavor of the kefir itself.

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