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Getting More Meditation Through the Headspace App

Meditation There’s something wonderfully refreshing about sliding into the shower after a long day, as the gentle pounding of drop after drop melts away the oil and grime. Then to emerge feeling clean and fresh – ahhhh… I think of meditation as a shower for the brain. When I’m feeling stressed, irritable, or in a funk, meditation has a way of resetting my brain and clearing out the junk. While this is useful at any point in the day, my favorite times are mid-day as a nice preparation for the latter half of the day, or about 30 minutes before bedtime to clean my mind in preparation for a restful night’s sleep.

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Magnesium and Depression: Simple Cure or Snake Oil?

Magnesium and Depression Depression has become a plague of modern life with over 12% of U.S. adults taking anti-depressants in the past year according to one study[1], which represents a doubling in prescriptions for depression since 1999.[2] When you include anxiety medication, the number rises to about one in six.[1] Add to this the undiagnosed and those who have stopped medication due to no obvious benefits and it’s clear that we have a large and expensive health care problem in need of a solution.

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