Don't Like the Taste of Kefir?

January 2, 2016

Do you enjoy the taste of water kefir?

If you answered “No”, then you are not alone. When first fermenting water kefir, I was concerned by the articles I read in which people talked of how delicious their final product was. For me, the smell was somewhat repulsive - and the taste? Even worse! I had to add quite a bit of a sweetened drink to cover up the pungent flavor of the kefir itself. “I’m eating bacteria and yeast”, I would remind myself in order to get through it.

I say all of this just to ease your concerns if you are feeling the same way that I was upon starting the journey of fermented foods. In time you will find the best ways to mix kefir into your lifestyle in a way that works. I find that mixing small amounts into lots of different things allows me to get plenty of kefir without noticing any difference in taste. It also helps to start small and gradually add more and more as you are able to tolerate it. In a couple months you will be much farther than when you started.

I’d love to hear others’ stories of their first experience with kefir and adjusting to the taste. Please add your comment below!

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